Vaizdo registratorius Neoline G-TECH X37, dvigubai daugiau nei Full HD. Matymo kampas 160 °, GPS modulis

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Tech specs

  • Puikiai integruojasi į automobilio stiklo viršutinę dalį. Greitas nuėmimas
  • Rezoliucija: QHD 2560*1440 (30fps) / FHD 1920*1080 (60 fps)/ HD 1280x720P (120 fps)
  • Procesorius: NTK96660
  • Sensorius: OV4689, 4 Mp
  • Ekranas: LCD, 2''
  • Platus dinaminis diapazonas WDR
  • GPS modulis
  • Vaizdo įrašymo formatas / suspaudimas: MP4 / H.264
  • Matymo kampas: 160 °
  • G-sensorius, judesio jutiklis
  • Palaiko: "MicroSD" 8-64 GB minimum C10 klasė

MicroSD kortelė parduodama atskirai.

Hidden mounting

NEOLINE G-Tech X37 form factor and its compact size allows to insensibly mount the car video recorder on windshield — it does not arrest attention from outside, thus there is no need to remove it at the time of parking.

Highest recording quality

Thanks to a powerful processor NTK96660 (one of the NTK last models) with the support of excellent 4Mpx HDR CMOS sensor from one the market’s leaders OmniVision OV4689 and large aperture optical system with F1.8, NEOLINE G-Tech X37 has a high sensitivity in low light conditions, providing the highest recording quality even in the absence of external light sources.

2K30FPS & 1080p60FPS

Powerful technical basis provides clear and smooth image in both day and night. NEOLINE G-Tech X37 is able to record video with maximal resolution of 2560*1440 with 30 fps or 1920*1080 with 60 fps.

Wide viewing angle

Thanks to a wide viewing angle of 160º NEOLINE G-Tech X37 covers up to 5 lanes of the roadway without image distortion.

Wide dynamic range function (WDR)

Thanks to a WDR function car video recorder provides a balanced image at quickly changing light conditions and high video quality, even in difficult conditions. For example, at a sudden change in lighting at the entrance or exit from the tunnel.

Quick-release mount and active charging

NEOLINE G-Tech X37 is equipped with a quick-release mount through which power supply is provided to the car video recorder. If it is necessary to remove the car video recorder it is enough to move it from a mount, without having to remove and re-attach the power cord.

Protection against severe weather conditions

NEOLINE G-Tech X37 is equipped with capacitor instead of standard battery. The capacitor is significantly more resistant to high temperatures and has a long service life. Thanks to the capacitor many typical problems of car video recorders were solved: overheating, battery explosion hazards, loss of "last" files.


NEOLINE G-Tech X37 is equipped with quick-release mount with a built-in GPS-sensor. Along with the stamp of the date, time and car plate numbers, vehicle speed and coordinates (locations) are superimposed on car video, which increases the volume of evidence base in case of road accidents.

Notifications on stopped recording

Neoline G-Tech X37 has an option of notifications in case of stopped recording. And at night button backlight function for a more comfortable adjustment of the car video recorder comes in handy.

Save each moment

Unlike traditional camera car video recorder must be equipped with a specialized functionality. The NEOLINE G-Tech X37 has everything: motion detection, G-sensor, loop recording. All this guarantees to retain a trip's every moment.

  • Bitrate, max.: 20 Мb/s
  • Built-in supercapacitor 
  • Interval of loop recording, min: 1/2/3/5/10
  • Continuous recording
  • Auto Power On/Auto Power Off
  • Operating Temperature: -10 С° to +65 С°
  • Car plate stamp
  • Stamp day/time
  • Sound recording
  • Built-in speaker
  • Power supply built-in into bracket
  • Input voltage of the charger: DC 12-24V
  • Input voltage of the device: DC 5V/1A
  • Bracket, type: Slider on 3М tape
  • Size: 80*50*30,5 mm
  • Weight: 76 gr