Vaizdo registratorius NEOLINE WIDE S45 DUAL + galinio vaizdo kamera

120,00 €

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Tech specs

Stilingas dviejų kanalų full HD vaizdo registratorius + galinio vaizdo kamera. Aukšto detalumo įrašas bei padidinto ryškumo sistema (WDR) fiksuoja įvykius automobilio priekyje bei gale.

  • 3 colių ekranas, LCD, 320 * 200
  • Procesorius: GP3159
  • Matrix Silicon Image CF02, 2Mp, 6 stiklo lešiai
  • Matymo kampas: 155°
  • Rezoliucija:
    priekinė kamera: Full HD 1920 * 1080 (30fps) / the HD 1280 * 720 (30fps)
    galinė kamera: VGA 720 x 480 (25 fps) 
  • Palaiko: "MicroSD" 8-32 GB, SDHC 10+ klasė
  • G-sensorius, judesio jutiklis
  • Svoris: 91 g

MicroSD kortelė parduodama atskirai.

Stylish two-channel Full HD DVR NEOLINE Wide S45 with high quality recording function and improved contrast video (WDR). Records what is happening in front of the car, and behind the car.

Dual-channel recording

DVR NEOLINE Wide S45 Dual Full HD is equipped with a front camera, as well as an additional VGA camera that records traffic situation behind or in the back of the vehicle. The camera can be mounted either in the car or on the rear bumper. This option is perfect for beginner driver or drivers of heavy trucks.

High quality and detailed video

High quality and detailed video NEOLINE Wide S45 Dual processor provided GP3159, 2-megapixel Silicon Image CF02, and the optics of 6 glass lenses. This base allows the DVR NEOLINE Wide S45 Dual video with a resolution of Full HD 1920 * 1080 resolution at 30 frames per second with a maximum bit rate of 21 MB / s (!) To obtain high-quality, detailed image.

The WDR feature - improved video contrast

NEOLINE Wide S45 Dual is equipped with the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), which provides a balanced color and light image in rapidly changing lighting conditions. This is especially important at the entrance / exit of the tunnel or in bright direct sunlight. Thanks to WDR function DVR NEOLINE Wide S45 Dual video quality remains at a high level even in the most difficult conditions.

Viewing angle

With a wide viewing angle of 155º, DVR includes up to 5 lanes of the roadway, without distorting the image.



NEOLINE Wide S45 Dual - an important assistant in the accident. Wide S45 Dual allows you to add the date and time stamp in video recording with the secondary camera will clarify the circumstances of the accident.

User-friendly interface

The large 3-inch display makes it possible to comfortably view your recorded videos to the DVR and comfortably make adjustments. The buttons below the screen allow you to control the unit without removing it from the glass, which is very convenient.

Additional functionality

NEOLINE Wide S45 Dual features specialized for DVR functionality. Audio recording, motion detection, loop recording, the ability to rotate the camera in the interior - all this saves a trip every nuance.

  • Video recording (bitrate) MOV / H.264 (21 Mb / s), WDR
  • Built-in rechargeable 180 mAh
  • Interval loop recording 2/3/5 min
  • Temperature:
    operation: -15 / + 60 ° C
    storage: -20 / + 60 ° C 
  • Stamp date / time
  • Rotate the camera to the salon
  • Input voltage DC charger 12 / 24V
  • The input voltage of the device DC 5V / 1.5A
  • Dimensions (c lens) 88 * 52 * 16 (35)