Walkera Voyager 3 dronas. Skrydžio laikas 20-25 min

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Tech specs

Through the constant pursuit of excellence and our determination to create the ultimate flying experience, Walkera has produced an aerial vehicle with capabilities far beyond anything else on the market today. The streamlined design,precision assembly and ingenious use of the latest technology make the Voyager 3 a product of beauty and reliability.


 Walkera's 1080p HD filming Platform - All-in-One Package
This drone is pretty big, using the first 8S (29.6V) battery in the industry providing 20-25 minutes of flight time, you press a button and the 1080p camera will shoot astonishing HD video, thanks to the 3-Axis gimbal, you'll get "Perfectly" stable video footage with real time video feeds on the F12E RC controller (w/ built-in LCD monitor), and you can control the camera's Pan and Tilt angle with two levers on the RC controller, that means you don't need a second person to hook up a second controller, that's more convenient.

The fun part about the Voyager 3 is that is the motorized Landing Skids and Gimbal, you flip a switch and the landing skids and gimbal will retract and deploy, this will give you 360 degrees unobstructed camera view, this is pretty clever. The mechanism is interesting, there is a "L" shape arm in the body connecting both Landing Skids and Camera, so when one moves, the other will follow, the result if when Landing Skids deploy, the Gimbal will retract, vice versa.

There are two ways to control the Voyager 3, by using the RC Controller or a Smartphone, so how they work? Thru the "MIX" switch on the F12E RC controller, you can choose which device to fly the drone. When you touch the Smartphone, it will talk with the Walkera Ground Control Station (it's a box, included in the package) thru Bluetooth, and this box will talk with the drone in mid-air thru a long antenna (2.4Ghz). On the Walkera Smartphone App, there are some icon, you can One-Key Take Off, One-Key Landing, One-Key Go Home and upload waypoint to the drone and it'll execute the flight plan, and the interesting "Point and Go" function on the smartphone app, Walkera has made the drone easy enough for the beginners.

In short, what's good about the Voyager 3?
Came with 1080p HD Camera on 3-Axis Gimbal, long flight time (20-25 mins) and the Ground Control Station are the biggest feature, FPV monitor is integrated on the F12E RC controller, carbon fiber propellers and the Motorized Landing Skids and Gimbal make things interesting. It's a All-in-One 1080p filming platform which gets the job done, easy to start up and easy to fly, when you receive the Voyager 3 package, just take it out of the box, spend 10 minutes to put things together, charge the battery and Ground Control Station box, then read the manual carefully (This is serious, please read the manual CAREFULLY), then you are ready to fly, all switch on the transmitter are preset from factory, the manual will tell you how to use them.